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Post Nephrectomy of major weight loss

I had removal of my left kidney the end of Feb. It had many, many cysts in it, none were found to be cancerous. After surgery I stopped drinking sodas and quit eating potato chips and guacamole. I do have type 2 diabetes. It was never in check before since my kidney was always infected and kept my sugars up with infections for over 3 years! It has been now 6 months since surgery- I have lost 50 pounds! My general physician claims I am in o0k health and am not showing anything in my blood work to be concerned with BUT I am terrified! Before surgery I weighed 205 and I have always been fat! I am currently 150. AND I seem to be losing weight every few days! Is there any tests I should be asking for or has this happened to anyone else?? I am 63 years old and seriously not ready to die! I would love to last 10 more years at least! Please give me some ideas!! I am making myself worried sick!
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