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Post-mono fatigue

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Hi, im 17 years-old and i had mono about 3 years ago.. Since a year ive been really sleepy all the time.. I sleep 10 hours a day.. and still am exhausted after school.. I just rush in my bed..
I easily get a cold, i eat well, i dont eat crap, im really healthy.. but the colds also make stuff so much worse.. My brain starts to bonk like hell..
I really dont know whats wrong.. Is it because of the mono virus that's still in me?
Coz ive read people still have severe fatigue after 10 years after being "cured" of mono

Hope someone can tell me if this is related to my mono..

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replied September 11th, 2010
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3 years seems like a long time for someone your age to be experiencing post mono fatigue. Different people require different amounts of sleep to feel rested, some need 6 some need 10. What does your Doctor say about this?
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