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Post-menopausal and having period ?

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I am 56 yrs. old. Went 15 months w/o period. Blood work in 9/08 showed I was menopausal. In 2/09 had light spotting for a week. Saw gyn in March and had ultrasound. Everything looked fine. Uterine lining only 3mm. Doc not worried but said to come back if bleeding happened again. Early April, started to get tender breasts, other symptoms of period about to start. On 4/15, got a regular period, some heavy flow, then spotting. Still spotting and it's been 3 weeks! Will see doc tomorrow and he'll probably do a biopsy though he wasn't concerned based on ultrasound. Anyone else had bleeding/period after more than a year w/o periods? Could this be hormonal and why still spotting?
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First Helper LadyTE

replied May 8th, 2009
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I have heard of this happening before...It is good that you are having this checked out...It could be some tissue left inside...Good luck..

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