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Post lumbar puncture pain??

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I was admitted to hospital on monday 16th for having a continual headache for 10 days at that point, they questioned stroke, meningitis, blood clots, pressure problems etc, they did a ct scan early tuesday morning which came back clear, then about 2:00pm on tuesday they decided to do a lumbar puncture (are you supposed to sign a consent form?) there was a dr there and a student dr, they did it on the ward i was on and had to lay curled up in a ball on the edge of the bed, they gave me some numbing stuff but it didn't numb my back very well (by that i mean it numbed the surface but no deeper) and they inserted the needle, i screamed my god it hurt!! and they got no where, so they took it out gave me more numbing like loads!! and inserted another needle, the dr who was training was doing the needle insertions and the other dr was kind of guiding her, any way again 2nd time no luck she couldn't get the needle in the right place, 3rd attempt no luck, 4th attempt no luck 5th attempt no luck, so they get me to sit up and lean forward with a pillow over my lap! at this point im in excruciating pain from this darn lumbar puncture, and they try again and keep assuring me "your doing really well, "don't worry this wont take long" (wont take long yeah ok?! by this point it had already taken too long) so 6th attempt nope!! 7th try still couldn't get it in properly (seriously?! how many attempts should this procedure take?) 8th try...... nope still didn't get it, then finally the other dr takes over and gets it hooray!!! all be it, it was the 9th attempt that he finally got it in!! all be it upon getting it in my fluid pured out of my back and they had to get me from sitting to laying with the needle still in my back before they took any fluid? shocking i know!! im sure this isn't how the procedure should go....... right? oh and i must add it took well over an hour to do the procedure?!

any way following the procedure they adjusted my bed so i was laying down but they didn't lay it flat, and within and hour a nurse came round telling me she needed to change my bed so i had to get up..... anyway that night i got up to go to the toilet and oh my god! my head it was the worst pain ever, i couldn't sit without being violently sick, this happened every time i got up from tuesday night - friday night, i wasn't told about drinking extra fluids and in fact i wasn't able to because i was being sick so much, on thursday my dad questioned why i wasn't on a drip for fluids as i hadn't been able to drink or keep anything down since tuesday, they were like we can give her some if you like but she should really drink?! even though they had seen i was unable to drink, any way thursday night they finally attached a drip for fluids, which did stop me being so dehydrated. on friday they let me go home even though i wasn't really well enough to go home (still being sick and unable to sit or stand) this tuesday the headache finally went enough for me to sit for any length of time which was nice! but my back is causing me excruciating pain, so much so that any movement is really limited and i've been signed off of work this whole week because of my back being so bad!! im still in so much pain and not only where the lumbar puncture was done it radiates further, its debilitating me...... is it normal to be in so much pain following a lumbar puncture? my main concern is has there been any damage caused by the amount of needles they inserted and the amount of times they attempted it? i'm so worried this pain isn't going to go away any time soon and its upsetting me so much!! i've been off work for 2 weeks now and i cannot take any more time off!! im so concerned that this back pain isn't going to diminish!! if someone could please give me any info on typical procedures? (i'm sure mine wasn't a typical procedure?) has anyone else had this kind of problem following a LP? did your back pain go eventually? should you get back pain? thanks to any one who answers this question, any help or info or personal experiences are appreciated, and sorry for such a long winded question but i just wanted to give as much info a possible!!

thanks again!!
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