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Post hysterctomy spotting

I am 62 years old and had a complete hysterctomy in early January. Concurrent with a flareup of an irritated colon, too many fresh berries with seeds irritating my diverticulosis, I have had a light, pink watery discharge vaginally. My gyn/oncol said all cancer sells were confined to the inner lining of the uterus and I was cured. This current situation has me very worried that there was more cancer than she thought. Could the colon problems and some straining cause the bleeding? I called my dr. and was set up with an appt. in a few days.
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replied July 7th, 2009
Community Volunteer
I think it is just the straining...I had something similar to me happen about 6 months after I had mine..They ended up cauterizing me...Good that you are seeing the doctor...Helps free the mind...

Good luck,
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