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post gallbladder surgery

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I just had my gallbladder removed thru lap Monday the 27th. My question is how long will I continue to keep feeling these air bubbles moving around in the abdominal area? When can I start to eat something that isnt jello or pudding? Any Ideas on what to start my diet with...the dr said to add foods as where do I start..I also havent been able to have a bowel movement and so yesterday I drank a laxative Tea and still this normal..also I had 4 incisions...the one at my belly button is extremely sore and bruised..that seems to be the place that is the most uncomfortable that normal? besides that I think I am feeling pretty good..just very bloated...have been trying walking to rid myself of the gas to no avail...any ideas how to get rid of this..its very uncomfortable...Thanks any suggestions will be appreciated...
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First Helper MarthaAndMary

replied July 29th, 2009
Had mine out on Friday 7/24....had the consipation too.
Try a stool softener and then relax and don't worry....
I had 3 incisions and they are all still very sore, I expect they will be for about 2 weeks. Re foods: you can start eating a low fat diet now. Start light and work your way up. I'm eating normal now (lowfat).
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replied August 1st, 2009
Smile Hang in there. I just had my surgery 6/25/09. It took a full month before I felt totally back to normal. I couldn't even pee afterwards! The Dr says it's the anestesia that temporarily paralizes things. Take Milk of Magnesia to start your BM's back. Slowly eat things you feel like eating but try and stay on the healthy side. It's better for you anyways. As for the pain; I needed to keep sleeping on my left side due to all the organs on the right. My stomach muscles were shot on my right side for a while too. The Dr. said it was a muscle spasm due to the rod going thru the abdominal wall. It's been a month and I now feel my stomach & insides are normal now. Never even had diarrhea Smile which is another thing that worried me. Hang in there and take one day at a time. It will all heal and have no more pain Smile
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replied January 15th, 2010
My personal timetable:
-My gallbladder removal was the morning of Dec. 26, 2009, & I was able to eat a soft hospital dinner (after 2 days of liquids & 1 of nothing at all) & go home that evening. I put off taking more pain meds at home because I wanted to avoid constipation, & I wasn't sure if the moderate pain was from surgery or gas pains. I finally expelled so much gas that I thought 'this surely has to be due to more than gas', so I took a Vicodin about 3 a.m. & fell asleep. Only took 1/2 pill the next day about noon, felt great the whole day, & hosted a long-planned family get-together (although it was shortened). Didn't feel as lively the next day, so I took Advil and took it VERY easy.
- the first week, I mostly felt like a balloon & looked like one too. Had to wear elastic-waist pants about 2 sizes too big. Belched & passed gas repeatedly. Never took any more pain meds; it was the gas that made me uncomfortable, so I took a generic Gas-X gelcap a couple of times. I had some pain in my upper right abdomen, but that's what to be expected when you have this type of surgery - there's been the removal of an organ inside of you & 3 openings made! I would not call myself a really tough person (heck I was moaning away in the ER on Dec. 24th when the gallstone attack occured).
From the beginning, I seemed pretty fortunate in what I was able to eat, but I played it safe & usually stuck to things like no-fat cottage cheese, bananas, canned fruit, tangerines, toast with margarine, soups, plain pasta. I kept a food diary for about 5 days, & noted that eggs seemed to produce gas & glazed ham made me a little nauseated, so I avoided those for another week. However, New Year's Eve fell 5 days after I got home, & I happily enjoyed 2 glasses of red wine nursed throughout the evening along with crackers, mild cheese, pears & avocado slices.
I took it pretty easy the first week also; mostly doing light housework & yoga-type positions that would help expel gas. Did I mention I felt like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade attraction? Also, my BMs were very soft, but formed.
- The 2nd week, I was able to fit (with a little difficulty) into my regular pants again, & I felt pretty good. I did two 1 mile walks & more light floor exercises. I tried to eat very simple, "healthy" foods without much processing or fats (besides flax oil in my no-fat cottage cheese, broiled chicken, & walnuts or peanuts). I also had 3 beers spread out in one night near the end of the 2nd week (hey, it's the holidays & family was in town) & felt fine.
- the 3rd week, I saw the surgeon, & he pronounced me to be doing just fine & told me that I had NO restrictions. I told him my BMs were still formed but quite soft, & he said that is normal for several weeks after surgery. No pain, no unusual gas. I have lost 5-6 pounds since Dec. 24.
I am pretty much eating what I want with no ill effects, (including a delicious pot roast I made this week), but I do want to emphasize that our diet has been leaning more toward simply-prepared fish, chicken, nuts, & dairy for the protein department anyway. However, I was fortunate enough to successfully test my final visit to the surgeon with 2 chalupas from Taco Bell (my teenager dared me), so I feel VERY blessed. May everyone who has this surgery be blessed as well!
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