Hi I recently have stopped my ADHD medicine under the care of my psychiatrist. He wanted me to try taking a break from them so I have and now I am experiencing a lot of depression as I always do when stopping stimulants.

I am probably going to restart them soon as it has been 6.5 days and I am still extremely depressed with my mood and wanting to stay in bed all day.

I had not felt that way while being on ADHD medicines at all and was doing well on stimulants until I was advised to take time off from them.

More sadly is that I am not getting much long-term benefit from stimulants, yet I don't feel that I can just take breaks periodically without extreme bouts of withdrawal. So, I am forced to pick between an extremely rapid metabolism of stimulants while taking them, or just go off while experiencing tons of depression and fatigue.

I don't know if there is any solution to this perhaps complex situation of mine except to just continue the stimulants and try to avoid unnecessary changes in dosages too quickly or just stay off them altogether.?

My life is more productive with the ADHD medicines yet my mood is sometimes better without them. There's no easy way for me to go from being on them to being off them without going through probably 10 days of massive amounts of depression and anhedonia.

Is there anything at all you could think to suggest for me?
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