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Post Abortion Symptoms

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Hi there,

I had a medical abortion on the 6th March. I went through the motions of the incredible pain a couple of hours after I took the pills in my cheeks and then about 3hrs later I passed the pregnancy tissue . The cramping eased after this and for about 2weeks I bled. The checkup showed nothing in my uterus and everything seemed fine as I followed the post abortion advice by the book. However on Easter Sunday almost a month later i experience some cramping all day....and the next day i passed a bit of what im assuming to be pregnancy tissue again. It was only small but Im wondering if that is still in there after a month - will there be more to come and will it effect a future planned pregnancy in the next couple of years?
I am also extremely bloated still and just cannot seem to shift the couple of kilos I put on. It''s like im retaining water and feel horrible Sad
Any advice of similar experiences would be much appreciated.
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First Helper natalielisa

replied June 28th, 2010
Post abortion mensturation
It may be your period. Post abortion periods are often unusual.
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