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Possibly pregnant at 14 ?

im 14 years old...i had unprotected sex 2 months ago....6 days after i got my perid when i wasnt suppose to get it till a week later...iv been getting my period but im still not sure if its realy my period...also my nipples have gotten darker and my breast more boyfriend thinks im over reacting but i think i have a reason to be scared...what should i do? please help me...
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replied September 7th, 2009
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At 14 your periods won't always be regular. The stress of being pregnant can ironically throw off your rhythm. If you're experiencing normal menstrual symptoms it's most likely your period. Your boyfriend was stupid enough to have unprotected sex with you, he can suck it up and be supportive of you as you deal with the consequences.

You're going to have sex at whatever age you have sex, no matter what effect it has on you. So even though you're probably ok, go ahead and allow yourself to be afraid that you're pregnant a bit longer. Think about how your life is going to fold out while spending 20 hours a day taking care of a bawling baby to trying to explain to your 14 year old daughter that she's not allowed to have sex and how she's going to laugh at you. Think about that stuff next time your boyfriend tells you he doesn't have a condom with him. Protected sex every time all of the time until you want to have a child.
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