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Possibly infected wounds on my scalp?

So, since the last year or so, I've developed the annoying habit of scratching my scalp. It has created little wounds, there are about 5 of them and they're also less than a quarter of an inch in size. I keep scratching them open over and over again, I hate myself for it but for some reason I can't stop doing it (probably a sort of OCD, I've ordered one of those fidget cubes to help with that).
My concern right now is, how can I heal them? I don't know if they're infected, there's no pus leaking out but they are kind of painful and some are a little swollen/red. Some have also developed scar tissue but don't even allow that to develop fully by continuously scratching.They've been there for more than 6 months now.
What do I do to heal them (apart from keeping my fingers off of them?)
Thank you!
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