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Possiblity of pregnancy with condoms and Plan B ?

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Hi, my girlfriend had an abortion on feb 12 and we were so scared. But on feb 18th, we just couldn't resist and had sex on the 18th. We used condom, and it didn't break and then we used Plan B right away. Then on the 22th, we couldn't resist again, and then we had sex again with condom (this time we poured water in just to check it didn't leak) and used plan B again. We haven't had sex again because the guilt and worry is killing us. Right now, it's march 13, and she told me she had back pains. I am really scared that she is pregnant again. I really don't want her to go through that again, I am really worried. Am I just being oversensitive?
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replied March 14th, 2010
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kuroSaki_Ichi, "we just couldn't resist and had sex" "we couldn't resist again, and then we had sex again" You mean you did not want to resist. Having sex is a choice you make.

Her cycles are probably by now so messed up that her body does not know what to do. An abortion and 2 doses of Plan B in less than a month is traumatic.

Many things can be causing the back pain, including her own hormones (which is TOTALLY messed up at this stage), something else or pregnancy.

The best idea will be for her to go on birth control pills.

Best of luck.
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