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possible that she got pregnant after the things we did?

About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend and i were fooling around but there was no penetration at all. After i ejaculated i wiped it all off but she still wanted more so we continued (keep in mind my girlfriend is a virgin and there was NO penetration at all.) Yesterday, she was really worried because she saw a pink discharge when she wiped and today she started bleeding. She described it as "not period blood" since it was too thin and did not contain any clots. In addition to that she did not experience any signs of pms prior to the bleeding and she does not feel any painful cramps (her pms and cramps tend to be severe. Sometimes she faints and/or cannot walk because of her pain) we're scared that she might be pregnant. Is it possible that she got pregnant after the things we did? And if so, what does this bleeding mean?
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replied February 20th, 2016
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Seems like she is due for a period about now. Maybe her hormones got stirred up with the sexual excitement and this period is going to be a little different. This experimentation goes a little further each time. Please get informed and prepared for good contraception. Learn about the "fertile window". Have her download a period tracker app.
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