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Possible STD, but uncommon symptoms

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I am a male, aged 20, and for the past few months I've experienced a very uncomfortable recurring condition. It always starts out as an itchiness in very specific places: around the corner of my right eye, on the left cheek, on the nose (near the nostrils and on the top of the sides), near the anus, on the foreskin (as a large round area) and under the penis (on a line down to the testicles). On top of that, the roof of my mouth becomes inflamed, along with the lower eyelid of my right eye. The itching is very intense. (By far, the most uncomfortable area is on the penis). By day 3-4, the itching stops and skin starts flaking where the rashes were before (particularly noticeable for the roof of the mouth - becomes painful to eat, acidic foods in particular - and the corner of the eye). My inflammations disappear and by day 5 or 6, all symptoms are gone. These symptoms occur once every month on average. I have been unable to link them to my diet (I've tried singling out things I might be allergic to, but nothing seemed to trigger this disease.) The first occurrence was a day or two after sexual intercourse, and I will be getting checked for STIs at a local clinic (though, I'm not sure what I should be checking for). Additionally, I have a history of problems with sebbhoreic dermatitis. I would appreciate any professional opinion. Thank you!
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