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possible spleen problem or???

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For a few days now on and off i have been experiencing a pain in my upper left abdomen, just toward the bottom of my rib cage, its not a pain ive ever felt before, and is that intense it stops me in my tracks and takes my breath for the few seconds it lasts. It is a stabbing but pulsating pain that can last from just one or two seconds to around 10 seconds and happens a few times a day. Along with this whether related or not im not too sure but ive been having headaches, fatigue, nausea with no vomiting, a lot of bone pain, more so in my legs and ankles, and blurred vision! But im concerned more with the pain in my abdomen, is it possible there is a problem with my spleen? Any suggestions??
a few other problems iv been having that iv noticed also increased thirst and hunger, more frequent urination, i have thought about diabetes as it runs in my family, my mothers brother has type 1 diabetes for 26years now since the age of 14, i am female and aged 27 now, not a drinker or smoker. not pregnant, have had a few twinges in my back just under my left shoulder blade but so mild there virtually unoticable! i will definitely be going to get my blood sugar level checked tho just incase! can you shed some light?? thanks for reading x
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