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Possible seizure ??

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Hi I have only recently been suffering with seizures and need some advice.
A little background-I have never before in my life suffered seizures that I know of, then a few months ago when in hospital for tests suffered a lot of bad what the doctor called grand-mal's (had to have a tube down me to help me breathe or something and was in intensive care).

-Do you think this could be linked as the day before I had what I guess to be hallucinations (i kept thinking i could smell a fire, and was hearing and seeing things that werent there), during that time it was also noted that my pupils were very big and had these stupid really feelings like something bad was going to happen?

-I saw the neuro the other day and he was happy that I hadn't had another seizure so left my meds alone, but I forgot to mention a few things (am still having moments like above, and these really weird dreams- scarily so real, moments where my legs/arms will jurk so violintly);
and now im concerned as the other morning I felt as though I hadn't slept at all that night, felt dazed, couldn't concentrate, adjitated, thought nothing of it then as i managed to get out of bed my muscles really ached (like as if i had been at the gym), and my tongue was sore on one side, and my mate in the oposite room when I said to her about it, said that she thought she heard my bed shaking in the night.

Im new to all this, I remember nothing, could I have had another seizure?
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replied February 3rd, 2009
My boyfriend has just started suffering from fits and you've described exactly how he feels when he comes round from one, go and see your doctor again.
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