im 17 and i have a 19 year old brother. last night i was talking to him and he described something he called a "funk". it mainly happens when he is alone, and mostly when doing routine things. But he says his depth perception goes, and everything is really far away from him. he said that its as if he is whatching himself on tv or something. and no one else is real. he says everything is muffled and he feels like he is alone. He also asked me to close my eyes and pretend i was the mona lisa. he told me to pretend that im looking through her eyes, but have no feelings or anything. i am an object, not a person. then, watch the people who are looking at me, and slowly turn them into everyday objects such as tables chares... ect. he said to amplify that by 1 million. and thats how he feels in everyday life. Now, he also said that the 1st thing i describe isnt an all day thing... he said maybe 3 times a day now... but it started when he was in 2nd grade. now it happens more frequently.
im not sure if he has schizophrenia or not, but i know something is wrong with him. he has seen a "woman ghost" and he tried to descibe how real it was. please help

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replied January 11th, 2012
"Schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair." -R.D. Laing.
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