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possible reflux without heartburn?

First off some information:
I can go and have proper tests done for a while at a doctor - i don't have health insuranse currently and income is too low to pay the extreme costs they asked for it. Family doctor was... useless as always.

This has been going on for about 3 months now, sometimes worse and sometimes barely noticable.
Im 24 years old, male.
I have no known allergies and i have tried different foods if possible for periodes of time to no real effect.

The symptoms do not seem to point to a specific condition - it always lacks something to link it to a certain disease or problem.

Symptoms include:
Constipation/gas (usually feeling of fullness and the need to burp - which seems to help a little).
When worse, lumpy feeling in throat.
Sometimes feel as if its harder to breathe, tho actually i can breath just fine.
Eerie, empty feelign in left chest (seems to be generally wide spread hard to localize). Sometimes the feeling can click and get stonger suddenly.
Heart palpitations (not really sure if its actually due to skippign beats or just being strongly aware of heartbeat).
Rarely iv had pain radiate to my arm (can last longer, change location), or feel sharper pain in the left chest when breathing in (wont last for long).
When it gets worse, i seem to get some nausea - feeling the need to puke.
Rarley i may have mild heartburn.

The arm pain was worse during the first few weeks, havent noticed it much anymore.

I do have somewhat "sitting" lifestyle and less physical excersise, i am not overweight, tho i may have few extra kg but overall its ok.
I gave up on coffee(for 3 months now), avoiding foods that might irritate stomach( acidic, spicy).

The arm pain, palpitations and eerie feelign in chest could be due to vagus nerve gettign wrong signals together with potential anxiety (possibly developed early on - afterall weird feeling in chest sends subconcious thoughts on heart).

I dont have any real pain - so cant be ulcers.
I lack constant heartburn - not a common GERD.
Gastritis of some kind? Tho no noticable pain most of the time.

OH and PS! i am non alcoholic 100% so alcohol cannot be the cause. Nether do i smoke. I dont eat junk food often.
I may have forgot some symptoms, but feel free to ask.
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replied August 22nd, 2013
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You really do need to see a doctor and get your heart checked out to make sure it's not that first.
Arm pains are often associated with heart conditions.

Then you can look for other causes like reflux.
40% of those with the pre-cancerous condition, Barrett's Esophagus never felt their reflux.

If you are producing too much acid, the cheapest generic OTC omeprazole from Walmart is just as effective as the most expensive Nexium of Dexilant if taken in equivalnet doses.
(20mg omeprazole a day is the normal maintenance dose. Some OTC brands may only be 10mg.)
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replied August 22nd, 2013
yeah i took 20mg lozeprasol (omeprazole for about 5-6 days 1x day - and i did read normal duration is 2 weeks.

I would have checked out at fdoctor, but withotu health insuranse the faimily doctor cant do anythign at all - and even at best circumstances it will take more the na month to get the insurance. I certainly cant afford the costs without one.
Tho wouldnt heart conditions often get worse with physical load/excersise - which doesnt seem to be the case (and lso often gas/bloating is at the same time with any kind of pain - arm or other palces).
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