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possible psoriatic arthritis? My identical twin has it...

Hi I am a 31 year old woman and have been experiencing pain in and around the joints of my knees for the past year and more recently mild pain in my left big two. I was told by the doctor that I had early arthritis and to take anti inflammatory meds. I don't see how I can develop osteoarthritis at 30 years old. I do have a family history of arthritis(my father and his brother have gout and my identical twin has psoriatic arthritis). I am wondering if I could be developing psoriatic arthritis like my sister even though I do not have psoriasis.(I know you can develop the arthritis first). The pain is fairly mild but I can have periods where it is more severe and seems to come and go through out the day. My knees hurt when I am at work where I have to stand all day but they also get sore when I am sitting on the couch and sleeping in bed. The pain seemes to be everywhere in the knee particularly the inside and I also seem to have pain below the knee joints that feels like tendon pain. Sometimes they feel stiff in the morning and sometimes not. My toe also hurts but is less severe then my knees.It appears slightly swollen compared to my other toe. I also noticed that my toe nails have developed horizontal ridges around the same time the joint pain started.

Does any of this sound like it could be psoriatic arthritis?
Should I see a rheumatologist even though my symptoms are rather vague?
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replied January 19th, 2014
You could always go to a rhuemy just to make sure, they'll do bloodwork to see if you're carrying inflammation around in your body that could be caused by arthritis although I think psoriatic is based more on symptoms, X-rats, and any swelling around the joints. I've spent thousands on diff tests to try to figure out what's going on with me, I too thought it was PS bc I have severe psoriasis, got two rhuemy opinions that said it wasn't I'm still not convinced but I also tested posit vice for lymes disease so hoping that dr can help me out. If I were you I'd see a rheumy bc if it is psoriatic then it can do some damage when you could have helped slow the damage with treatments and diet and exercise. Good luck to you.
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