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Possible pregnancy - vinegar for miscarriage ?

well my last period was march 20th and me an my boyfriend had sex march 30th. He did not ejaculate inside of me, instead he pulled out an ejaculated on my "cookie" and it was alot [sorry tmi]. I have a normal 28 day cycle an my af is mostly ALWAYS on time. Right now I am 2 days late and scared! The pull-out method works for us all the time but im afraid not this time. I've heard about implantation dip and checked my body temperature, my temperature was low at 97.8 and then i checked a couple hours later and it was at 96.0. And I know my body very well my temperature is always 98.3 to around 98.6. Well a couple days before I expected my period I had a bunch of white discharge, at one point I thought my period started because I was at the store and I felt a big gush come down on me, but instead it was clear discharge. But now that my period is suppose to start, I hardly have the discharge, its only a little little bit, barely any. Also I had lower sore back pains for 3 days straight.
And Im not ready for a baby. And my parents dont believe in abortions, so even if I am and I tell them, they'll force me to have it. I've heard vinegar can give you a miscarriage. I know it doesnt sound like the right thing to do, but could I be preggo and could vinegar work??
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replied April 18th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Atlma, I do not know where you heard that vinegar will cause an abortion but it is not true. It is more likely to cause an infection.

Wait a few days and take a pregnancy test. If it is positive or you have another reason to think you are pregnant, tell your mom. Do not try to deal with it in secret.

I hope for your part that it is just worry and stress delaying your period. Pull-out is NOT a birth control method. If it worked up to now, you were lucky. Get him to use condoms! It is the least he can do to protect you.

Best of luck.
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