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possible pregnancy signs on the implanon?

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So 4 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex, and now im having soar brest, slight cramping, headaces, nausea but no actual vomiting, and iv been extremely tired and about 2 weeks ago i had slight bleeding, which is odd because i havnt has my period since getting the implanon put in. And I know the implanon works well, but nothings 100% so im just wondering are these common side effects? Becausd ive had the implanon for 2 years and iv never felt like this before. And im just wondering if this is common or should I go to the docters and take a test?
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replied July 30th, 2014
I am not on Implanon but my sister is. She hasn't had a period since starting it but definitely has had these symptoms with it so I would say it is common but then again you say you had it for 2 years and just now experiencing it. My sister just started hers like beginning of this year or end of last year after giving birth.

I would take a test if I was you just to ease your mind or see your doctor.

Like you said, it's not 100% (only abstinence is of course). One of my friends just found out she's pregnant and she's been on depo. Only reason she took a test is b/c she started getting nausea really bad, throwing up and very sore breasts. So it's possible for birth control to fail even ones that are suppose to be better than pills.
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