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Possible pregnancy signs, is she pregnant?

One thing I've noticed about my girlfriend is that her vagina smells funny. It's not a nasty smell like garbage but just a funny sweaty-like smell. She said she just got done ovulating.

We've had sex 3 times and used condoms 100000% of the time. I will NOT have sex with her without one either. I always check them afterwards for holes and tears and even do the water test to see for the tinier holes. As a precaution, I do not orgasm inside of her.

One time she was so worried about pregnancy that her period was about 4 days late but it came back and it was her normal 4-5 day long periods that hurt. It wasn't spotting, it was a normal period according to her. She took a HPT and it was negative.

But lately she said her butt muscles at the very bottom of her butt hurts. So imagine a C for her hurts right at the bottom curve.

So with the butt muscle pain and the funny smell, what are the chances of her being pregnant?
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replied August 7th, 2008
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? ....are you serious?.....

if you were a condom and didn't even ejaculate in the condom chances are slim to none...also..i wouldn't take a sore butt and the.."funny smell" to be signs of pregnancy.....maybe you should tell her to bathe...just thought i'd throw that out there..and as for the butt...i dont exactly know what to say about that time when she does get her period that means shes NOT she doesnt need to test
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replied August 8th, 2008
maybe her butt hurts because she is sitting to long on the toilet. lol Anyway those are not signs of pregnancy i am 3 months with my 2nd & the most common sign is a womans breast become sore, the funny smell....maybe she has an infection, or tell her to use vagisil medicated wipes or something to get rid of the smell.
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