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possible pregnancy after miscarriage ?

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I hope someone may be able to give me advice or share their experience with me. I am a 30yr old mom of two. I am ttc. Last month i started bleeding on the 3 july with what turned out to be a m/c.( i was roughly about 4 weeks along.) A few weeks later i started feeling symptoms of pregnancy again, nausea, vomiting, enlarged nipples, darkened nipples, veins on breasts and elevated basal temperature (around 37.3 celcius for about 15 days now). About 6 days ago I started spotting light pink and brown mucus, only on wiping nothing on pad, for 3 1/2 days then it turned into what is like a light period. It continued for 24hours then went back to light pink on wiping. Yesterday lunchtime it completly stopped until this morning when its light pink on wiping again. With the bleeding ive had mild period like cramps (I usually have heavy periods and bad cramping). After the m/c my hcg was back to normal by the 18th and the doctor said I could start trying straight away. I am very confused as I got symptoms early on on my other pregnancys also and some light bleeding but im terrified to ger my hopes up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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replied August 12th, 2008
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Sounds like another m.c ... I think you should get things monitered with a gp for a bit so they can check everythings going well.
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