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Possible Ovarian Cancer symptoms ?

I’m a 51 yr old Caucasian white woman. My Great grandmother died of ovarian cancer at 70 and Grand mother died from ovarian cancer at 57. My mother removed her ovaries when she was 25. My symptoms for the past 2 years: Vagina bleeding on and off. I have 2 cyst on my ovaries diagnosed 6 months ago 08/15/2017 (left) and the right one is complex. The right one Burts 6 month ago but it is still there. The ER MD did a CT Scan. She found fluid build up on my abdomen.. a week before I had clear fluid water coming out of my Vagina like half tea cup . It was not smelly but it had a little order. Went to see the ONGYN a week after. She said, “ I hate to tell you this but abdominal fluid build indicates ovarian cancer. I cried, she sent me to do a CA 125 test and ultra vagina test. Both came out negative. To control the vaginal bleeding she put me on birth control. I had my tubes tied when I was 35. In 2015 I had a hernia surgery with mesh due to my C section from 1992 and 2001. Got my tubes tied. The C Section turned into a Hernia on the right side. It’s sitting in the same right side of the complex ovary(right) A month ago I ran to the ER. The OBGYN gave me a better medication to stop the bleeding NORETHINDRONE ACETATE 5mg. I came in complaining of a stabbing pain on my right complex ovary and fluid build up in the abdomen. The pelvic exam was normal. But this does not rule out Ovarian cancer. I’m really scared because I’m almost 1 month I have 23LB pounds. Feeling a tired and bloated. A week ago a got worse my belly looks 6 Months pregnant. The belly has gone down a little. I am usually not hungry but I can eat. But my concer is 3 days ago my back was hurting and right leg too feeling number like 6 month ago. Fluid build up. I read about as cites that indicate Cancer only. The Geneticist called me to rule out my family history and doesn’t believe I could have cancer. But she did say, If you do, the fluid build up indicates stage 4 cancer. I am bit anemic. I read the Ovarian cancer can make you gain unexplained weight. I see the GYN Oncologist next week. But I am scared about the symptoms.
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