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possible or a phobia?? pregnancy from toilet paper, unisex

Hi. I suffer a bit of OCD with this situation. But here goes...What are the chances of me becoming pregnant after wiping with toilet paper from a unisex toilet. It was in the home of a lady that does gym classes. I had to use the loo and wiped my vagina with toilet paper after peeing and then thought to myself oh no men live in this house, what if one had ejaculated and somehow it got on the toilet paper and I wiped with it. Is this possible? I know it seems irrational but to me it is a serious concern. Can you please offer advice? I'm also on Yaz birth control but I'm such a worrier, I sometimes think well what if Yaz failed for some reason??!! Please help! Do you ladies wipe your vagina with toilet paper in public bathrooms? I felt so stupid afterwards!!!
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replied July 29th, 2014
You can’t get pregnant from using a semen covered Kleenex/Toilet Paper and then wiping with it even in a unisex bathroom. It’s hard to get pregnant. The sperm have to make it through the vagina, get up into the cervix, and find an egg. Wiping the outside of your body with toilet paper held by a hand that happens to have been in the general vicinity of semen a few hours earlier just won’t do it. The semen, and the sperm it contains, have to get INSIDE your vagina. Hope this helps.
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replied July 31st, 2014
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Sperm doesn't live very long outside the body. I forget the figures but basically it would have to be fresh enough to still be viscous (wet) in order for there even to be a chance.

Even then, it would be a slim chance.

Hope this helps.
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