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Possible Nail Clubbing, fingertip problems

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Hi there, I believe I have nail clubbing. On doing Schamroth's test, I can still see space between the two cuticle areas, but the ends of my nails all point downward. The tips of my fingers are very hard and have dry cracked skin. I notice that if I press down on something (phone, tablet) I get a strange uncomfortable feeling. I also have difficulty picking up little objects since my fingertips are so dry and stiff. The tips don't appear enlarged like clubbed fingers do, but the nails certainly have a bend down in them, even though the angle is less than 180 degrees. Any advice?

Also, one of my toenails appears curved and rounded off pointing down, again the actual digit is not enlarged, but this nail is the worst one. It's only that one and the rest are fine. They seem brittle but not curved. When I cut my nails, the area that they covered has defined lines where the nail was and is again, very stiff and dry. When I push down then, it almost feels like the cut nail is digging into the end of my fingertip causing a very bad sensation. It feels like blood rushing back into the fingertip after pressure was put on it. I never smoked, but was exposed to second hand smoke on and off at a young age. I had asthma as a kid but grew out of it. I do not get out of breath or inhibit any of the other symptoms of serious pulmonary diseases.
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