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Hi guys, my name is William, I am 24 years old and im from Northern Ireland....

Since Xmas of last year I have been a nervous wreck of the possibility that I may have Melanoma.

For a while I didnt take any notice to my mole's as I thought it wasnt dangerous but on Xmas of last year I read about Melanoma and read everything that there is to know about the ABCDE's etc.

I have been back and forth with my GP (My Personal Doctor) I letted him have a look at them and he said at first they looked fine and I had nothing to worry about... but I wasnt convinced by this and read up more things so I went to another doctor for an emergency appointment and he looked and he told me the same thing, that they looked fine.

But I am still not convinced with all the stories I have heard over the net... so I went back to my personal doctor and told him again and he finally appointmented me to the dermetologist... only problem was this was at xmas he appointed me under URGENT! This was because I was very worried but in his mind he thinks that there is nothing wrong with me. But as they say the patient is always right.

Big problem is yeah I have been waiting since xmas and I havent heard a word and I called the hospital about 4 months ago about my appointment and they said I had to wait for like 6 months before I could get to see one and thats how bad the system is over here... because of the waiting lists and all... I am calling them again on Monday to get an update.

So I am here to ask if the pros here can look at my moles to possibly tell me a bit more and to see if I should be worried about these moles. I have pictures here of them that I took and I hope I have the permission to share them with you and I apologize if people get grossed out by these, but if you feel like you are then dont look.

Anyways here are my moles that I am worried about....

My lower stomach.... this is the one that im most worried about - http://i56.[image removed]/209ixqx.jpg

My Upper Stomach - http://i52.[image removed]/nou0wo.jpg

My Arm - http://i53.[image removed]/2ymsktl.jpg

My Buttocks - http://i52.[image removed]/11t508y.jpg

I dunno anything about them changing or nothing cause I never really was worried and didnt keep an eye on them, so there is no way to tell if they have changed or not, just the pictures that I show you. I hope this helps and I hope someone can help me. Thanks for your time Ehealth members.
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replied May 9th, 2011
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Hi WillVyLow and welcome to ehealth: I didn't view the pictures, however, I can give you my insight on what I know of this disease...My first thought would be that they would not be all over your body...They usually are in one area only....I am talking about a single mole...They could be black or dark brown with sometimes bubbly raised areas of orange, red or yellow in the middle...They are odd shaped...With these all over your body I would hesitate thinking you have this problem...

If you go to Urgent Care someone should be able to help you on this...Otherwise, get to see your Dermatologist...He/she is the only one that can biopsy this potential problem and get the results...Take care...

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replied May 13th, 2011
Hi, William! My name is Sofija and I am a student who is working
In a cancer patients care center.
From your post I didn't understand have you had dermatoscopy?
That is an unpainful procedure with special device caled "dermatoscope".
That is the most safest way how to recognise melanoma by it's first symptoms
(it's appearence). To be sure, you should speak with dermatologist.
If in your country you must wait for a long time till your appointment,
you could search for melanoma center in your nearest countries.
England maybe? (The center where I work is in Latvia - just in case.
If you can't find anything in your nearest countries, you can contact me).
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replied May 15th, 2011
Thank you for your replies... I am in a bad dillemma I called the hospital the other day and like I said when I told my doctor that I wanted to see the dermetologist he marked me for an urgent appointment... but this was at xmas of last year.

What I found out recently was the hospital told me that the appointment was not marked as urgent and there has been a huge mixup... seems I could of gone and found out if I have it or not already, but I am getting nowhere here.

Had anyone looked at the pics I posted yet, if not can you please do so, so at least I can feel a bit at ease or even more worried it doesnt matter. I just wanna pros oppinion on the case that if I have melanoma or not until I finally get my appointment... if I ever do.

Thanks alot.
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