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Would like to seek your advice regarding something. I'm 26 this year, I've been having this kinda dull pain on the right side of my testicle, probably i would say where the pubic hair grows, near to the groin. I masturbated like once everyday.

It started about 4 weeks ago - I masturbated before, then few hours later I went for a jog. When I came back and sat down, all of all sudden I feel this dull pain at stated area. There isn't any red patch or anything, everything visually looks okay. Usually if I don't touch it or anything, it's pretty unnoticeable, it's only when I hold my penis and when i move it towards the left or straight, there comes the dull pain again. Then I leave it alone, and when I do the same action again, feel it once more.

Right now, My groin area is aching as well, and not only that, been feel some sort of ache on my thighs/knees sometimes too. And the dull pain is still at the area. Now it feels more significant or so.. It's not painful, it's just bothering. And me being a very paranoid person with past health issues, it gets me very worried.

I went to see a GP, and he informed me that it might be an inguinal hernia. He thought so after pressing the area and asking me to cough, comparing with the left side. I tried so myself and kind of felt something come out after coughing.

He referred me to a surgeon in local hospital, but one thing that I'm really confused (and demoralized) about is, I don't even do any heavy lifting what so ever, and there isn't any bludge/sharp pain or any other symptoms that people assiocate inguinal hernia with. Although I found some people having mild inguinal hernia with no obvious symptoms at all.

Just feel super bumped that I've been trying to live healthily, ensuring that I bent my knees down properly when picking up things, avoiding heavy objects etc. But no matter how I do, this kind of health issue just negates everything and comes when it wants.

Anyone can share some tips and advice? What should I tell the surgeon during my appointment; should I request for ultrasound or something?
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