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possible hypoglycemia symptoms

Ok I'm on a mission to diagnose myself because i've found that doctors are of no use to me and don't have the time to diagnose something that isn't completely obvious too them (In my experience anyway)

Ok the symptoms i'll give you are symtoms i have throughout most of everyday but are a lot worse when i drink a considerable amount of tea/coffee and alcohol. Possibly when i eat also.

Pale skin
glazed/bloodshot and tired looking eyes
puffy bloated face (worse in the morning)
shaky hands
pulsating/pounding heart morning after drinking alcohol
frequent urination
Become introverted and irritable because of general feelings of sluggishness
clouded thinking
Can sleep 12-15 hours when uninterupted

Let me know if you think these symtoms relate to Hypoglycemia.
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replied April 12th, 2008
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Yeah, those are some important ones. Any family history of blood sugar problems? Frequent urination is more a sign of diabetes, but there is a really, really rare form of Type-1 that is basically hypoglycemia to start and slowly progresses unless you eat right. Have you done any self testing?
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replied March 3rd, 2010
Yep, symptoms sound familiar. Particularly feeling irritable and sluggish and having clouded thinking. Are you anaemic? Pale skin could be genetic. What is your diet like? How many drinks do you take per day? Could be reason for frequent urination, especially if you are sleeping hours on end, which could be reason for puffy face.
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