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Possible hiatal hernia and thickening of abdominal wall

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A recent CT scan revealed that I might have a small hiatal hernia and significant thickening of my abdominal wall. There was a trace of blood in my urine, and my kidneys have rotated slightly - I don't know what this means.

My symptoms began suddenly three weeks ago with a pain in my right side and lower back. I'm a sixty year old man. I thought it was my kidney at first and consulted with an urologist. My first CT revealed that my left kidney was dilated and there was a small mass on my liver which could be a cyst; so another scan was ordered using an oral barium liquid and an IV using iodine. The results of the second CT revealed the information above. I am being referred to a gastroenterologist for a possible upper GI.

From what I've read about a hiatal hernia, there is heartburn and nausea associated with the condition. I do not have this problem. My appetite is fine. My bowel movements are fine. It feels like a stitch in my right side, which moves to my lower back and sometimes to my stomach. It is painful to twist to the side, and I can't sleep on either side - especially on the right side. It feels like I've done too many sit-ups and am sore the next day. The scan shows the kidneys are clear. The pain can be controlled with aspirin at this point, but it is not getting any better after three weeks. I'm simply learning to adapt to the discomfort and I try not to strain myseld any more than possible.

I don't think the hernia is my problem. From what I've read on this site, indications suggest possible cancer. My daughter died of cancer last summer. Can cancer be detected by CT scans?
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