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Possible Herpes or vaginal irritation

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For the past 4 days I have noticed a bit of "raw skin" on my outer vagina, right in the area where if you stand up or lay down with your legs closed your theighs meet your outer lips (if this makes any sense) pretty much near the area that could easily be chaffed...not in the crevis between your leg and vagina tho..anyways I just noticed it on Sunday night..for the past 3 weeks Ive been shaving the genital region quite a bit..not waiting for the pubic hair to fully grow in..this often causes razor irritation..The reason I am concerned is because this "raw skin" appeared out of no where..Im very "in the know" about marks and bumps on my vagina being as im a worry wart and there was no blister or anything prior to this wound..I was just with someone for about a month and we had sex 2 times PROTECTED EVERYTIME..everytime I have sex period I use a condom and hes been tested and he is clean clean clean...and the last time i was with someone before him was 5 months ago (also protected)...Ive noticed that at night im awfully sweaty down below I sleep in shorts and underwear and sometimes only underwear and around the time of my period (which I just got today matter of factly) I get really sweaty and due to irritation of my pad rubbing against my leg i do get a bit of itching and the like but never have i ripped the skin open (im so sorry if im being confusing) anyways..ONLY at night if i touch this wound will it get itchy and then once i scratch it hard it will sting..I just recently cut my nails because i was tearing up the backs of my legs in my sleep from scratching bug doesnt look insanely red or crusty and its dry unless i put hydracortizone on it which i started doing today..I freaked myself out thinking it was herpes and literally spent the entire night doing research..ive never had any of the symptoms..ive looked through hundreds of pictures of herpes and none look like what I actually looks more like the hair follicles are irritated but its a flat wound not a mound no puss just a spot or 2 of blood when im done itching it..around this area it is also a little doesnt bother me until i think about it or touch getting tested monday and I showed my sister and she said since its summer its quite possible it could be yeast related or just from excess moisture she said she had the same thing but she is clean as well it was from razor irritation...i also have another red mark closer to the top of my pubic area a little lower than my underwear line but its not the same and it doesnt itch..I just want a little piece of mind to maybe put my mind at ease...Ive been crying and stressing all day. Im so sorry this is a novel please someone help me
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replied August 16th, 2008
It seems to me that if you've compared the raw skin with herpes photos and found no similarity, that you're in the clear. You can always ask for help from a dermavenerologist to be sure. Although condoms may help protect you from genital herpes now and in the future, they do not protect you 100% from the virus. And as HPV-2 can be transmitted even if no visible sore is present, I'd suggest that you ask for these results from sexual partners in the future, in addition to other STD test results. A little geeky, I understand....but totally healthy!

Here's a medical journal article on the matter of condom use and herpes transmission from 2005.
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