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Possible H Pylori or something else?

In 2007 I had symptoms of nausea, dizziness, weak, stomach ulcers, no appetite and stomach vibrating like a cellphone that can be felt in feet or hands if they are touching floor or desk. Weird I know. Went got a Prevpac and everything went away in Day 3.

Fast forward 6 years later, similar symptoms. No vibrations, but nausea, dizziness, ulcers and something new lump in throat feeling, but no actual food getting stuck or anything. Comes and goes, almost nonexistent when eating but feels bigger when drinking water. Went to the doctor, he listened to me and did not do any tests but told me I was probably right and gave me a prevpac. Now the symptoms did not go away within 3 days. Side effects were bad and now that I'm done with it some symptoms are here like lump in throat feeling, vibration is back but I did not have that before this prevpac. It's either vibration or gas that can be felt in the whole body. When I don't feel vibrations, I get nauseas, but when vibrations come back nausea returns

Anyone has any ideas what to do next
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replied November 28th, 2013
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Have your doctor check whether you have H Pylori. It can be tested for quite simply by a feces test or even a breath test.
If you do have the bacteria, then a course of an antibiotic mix should eradicate it.
If you don't have H Pylori but have acid reflux, the antibiotic elements in Prevpac won't be doing you any good but you may require the PPI element of the Prevacid by itself - particulalrly if you do have ulcers.
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