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Possible Gout or Turf Toe?

About 2 months ago I started having some pain in my right big toe. It started feeling stiff and hurts when I step off on it or lift the toe up. The pain is in the joint where the toe attaches to the foot and nowhere else. Also, I feel the pain on the top of the toe joint, but nowhere else. Somedays it is worse than others but is always there. There is also no swelling whatsoever in the area.

I have been curious about gout as my father gets gout due to his diabetes. I am not diabetic or obese as I do alot of walking, at least 5 miles a day. I also wear the proper size shoes and proper type for my foot shape as I have high arches. I have also tried doing the same diet my fathers doctor said to do to prevent and help gout, but it does not help.

Another concern I have is that sometimes my right knee gives me sharp pains, though not often but has been happening over the past year.

Is this something I really need to talk to a doctor about, as using the whole RICE thing doesn't help either and at times the only thing that has helped has been when I have taken my percocet which I am currently on due to brain surgery last week. I am not allowed any type of NSAIDs for a few weeks until I am fully recovered from surgery, just tylenol or my painkillers, but I don't want to live on that.
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replied December 29th, 2012
I have had the exact same symptoms as you, the RICE exercises never helped and ice didn't do anything. Rest and not stressing it helped, it hurts very little after 3 weeks of absolutely no stress on it (or little if not none). Also try wrapping your big toe and second toe together so they're touching, for about one or two weeks. Since putting pressure on your big toe hurts, strapping it together with the second toe helps to relieve the weight exerted in it. All this worked for me, and although I don't know any proper thing to heal it, this helped me in relieving the pain, this means no sport that curls the toe (eg. athletics or football), but something non-active like golf would be fine.
Hope this helped!
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replied July 27th, 2018
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