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possible gallbladder disease ?

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In march of 2007 I had went out with a friend and drank a little and also ate a lot of jalapenos. After that I had horrible heartburn and acid reflux for a month straight. After that month I started getting really bad pain in my upper right abdomen. (Note: I also gave birth to my son a year before). I thought that maybe it could be an ulcer and at one point when I went into the emergency room, they prescribed me Protonix, which only helped out a little. Before that I had gone to a surgeon who had some tests done on me and he said that I may need to have my gallbladder taken out, he didn't seem so sure. All he wanted was money from me and when I said I couldn't fork it out he never called me back about the surgery, but of course his office called me a month later letting me know that I forgot to pay them $50 for that five minute visit.

Regardless, I have pain after eating a fatty meal, mostly has to do with dairy (cheese). I am a vegetarian and I barely ever eat any dairy in general and I'm not really fond of eggs. When I eat spicy foods I also get some pain so I tend to stay away from that. I also get pain when I am hungry. It usually happens at night and the pain is a lot better when I lay on my right side, can't lay on my back. So I have pretty much been experiencing this pain since then because I do not have health insurance and have not gone in to do anything about it, can't afford to. I think I've become so used to the pain that it doesn't hurt me as much as it used to. Now there are times when the pain does go over to my left side but it doesn't last long and it doesn't come that often. I am getting more heart palpitations though then usual. Usually I only get them from caffeine but now they are more frequent and I don't even need to have ingested any caffeine. One more problem is that I am always extremely exhausted ( I am not pregnant) and it is cutting way too much into my life.

So I really don't know what I should do considering, and I dont' know what will happen if I keep on waiting.
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First Helper destiniluv

replied August 17th, 2008
It does sound like a gallbladder type issue, but there are other things it could be as well. If it's your gallbladder, and you do nothing, you'll likely keep having to deal with the pain. You already eat pretty healthy and avoid the bad foods, so not much left to try there. Maybe take in some beets and / or use a little more healthy oils for fats.

If there are stones, and one moves into the bile duct it can cause a blockage. If you do nothing, then you may have complications like jaundice or other more serious issues, but you'd likely have fever and other symptoms. At that point, you may have to be treated for the infection before they can do a surgery. However, people can go a long time having stones in their GB without needing sugery so it's tough to say. There is little evidence that anybody ever gets better from having gallbladder problems. On the other hand, there are plenty of folks who aren't better after having them out (likely the minority-but it's not a cureall).

You can have an ultrasound to see if there are stones in your GB. You can have a HIDA Scan to see how well it's working.
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replied August 19th, 2008
Gallbladder problem
You could also have an ERCP done.... (tube down your throat) this will also detect problems/blockages
in ducts or sludge that is not moving out... good luck!!
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replied August 21st, 2008
10 years of pain
I just wanted to let you know what I went through with stones in my gb. After I had my daughter I started to experience a lot of pain around the area where the sternum is. As I was only 19 years old, I didnt know much about why I would have pain in that spot. I was working like 3 jobs, I spent a lot of time on my feet, and I thought because the pain came and went, it was just from not resting enough or something. This went on for 10 years, the pain would come and go, but everytime it seemed to be a little more excruciating. People would say oh its an ulcer, here drink this old remedy it will help(a mix of warm water and baking soda) and it did to a point, also I had no insurance, so I would just tke the things people recom. to me for ulcer. Long story short the pain got so bad I couldnt sleep, eat or even walk half the time when I finally got rushed to the er the dr. almost sent me home cuz the visual tests showed nothing, he thought i was lying about the pain. then out of nowhere he comes into the room apologizing to me with a nurse next to him with this big needle in her hand. It turned out he got blood results (CBC) back and the enzymes in my pancreas were like triple what is normal. Obviously that means there is a problem, and an xtreme amount of pain because in that big needle was a big dose of morphene, in which he immed. had the nurse give me. I had my gallbladder removed, my point being, I waited so long that the dr. actually told me if I hadnt come in I couldve been poisoned by my own bile and been dead in less than a month. Thats how full I was of those stones, ready to explode. For some reasons the ultrasounds, xrays, and whatever else they use to check the gb are not showing what they need to, and woman are being told that they have gas, or an ulcer and sent home with some prilosec. Have the hospital tst the enzymes in your pancreas, gb, whatever it takes, but dont take no for an answer, and dont wait til its too late. Noone should have to suffer that kind of pain because the dr.s wont give the right tests.
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