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Possible Exposure to HIV - what are the odds?

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I was with someone about five months ago now. I found out later that he slept around a lot. I went through the full series of STI tests, including the HIV test, about a month after the incident. I found out a couple days ago that the girl he was with before me, who I'd been friends with and said she hadn't slept with anyone else, has now tested HIV positive. I have my next test in about a month. How worried should I be, and what are the odds that I actually have HIV?
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replied December 1st, 2009
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I don't deal in odds or chances.Anyone can get HIV so odds don't matter..even if its 1000000000 to 1 ,you could be the one so always be safe.It is best to wait 3 months after possible exposure before getting tested and I recommend a blood test.
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