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Possible digestive problems

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To anyone that can help,
I am a 22 y.o female. I maintain a normal, healthy diet along with being physically fit and staying active.
For about the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing severe abdominal pain mainly directly below the diaghram but also in the lower midsection when pressed. I have often hot sweats & chills, nausea/feeling as if I have to burp, constipation with change in the appearance and cosistency of stool, having the urge to move bowels but cant, diziness, feeling weak and low on energy, pain in the center part of lower back and ocassionally feeling short of breath.

My only medical problems I've had are,
1. Being diagnosed with slight kidney damage (multiple infections a year) after getting out of the military in August of 2010.

2. Had absess removed from right breast in august of 2011, and one in my left on April 6th 2012, which i believe was diagnosed as Cystic Fibromylgic disease.

About 2 months ago I was treated for a Kidney infection and was prescribed cipro and ammoxi. This past week I was treated for the absess and was prescribed ammoxi, rocephin, morhpine and hydrocodone.

The only medicines I took ( starting about 8 days ago) for the syptoms listed above were exlex, tylenol, generic stool softener and anti nausea medicine, but nothing seems to help.

What could be the possible cause(s) for this?
Could my prior medical history be related to what is now going on?
Can it be treated, and if so how?
What's the worst that could happen if went untreated?
Are any of these side effects that are going to be permanent?
Are there any home remedies?

I just need questions answered and to find out what's wrong with me. If you have any knowledge pertaining to this matter, can you please just let me know. I appreciate the help.
Genuinely thankful,
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