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Possible cancer growing under the skin after BCC removal

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Last year I had a skin cancer removed under my eye by a general hospital. Now Im worried it may be growing back as cancer under the skin.
I have seen several Doctors about this including an Eye Hospital. I live in Australia so the medical advances are very bad here.
The eye hospital told me that in this case they will just see what happens because they can not tell by looking at it. Also I do not understand why they decided not to use an ultrasound scan to see if cancer is under the skin.
Also I have 2 new moles next to my scar that look suspicious , but they said we just see what happens.
Normally the general hospitals would take a biopsy straight away.
Also I was disappointed when they told me if we do make a biopsy , we will not use a biopsy needle , we use small scalpel they said.
I thought this was very strange because I thought the eye hospital would be more advanced than the general hospital.
Please can you tell me what I should do ?
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replied July 17th, 2011
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Hi auto7891 and welcome to ehealth: I am sure that your doctors know what they are saying...Remember there are different types of skin cancer...Some are easily taken out and don't come back...Other will...The one to watch out for is the Melanoma...This they could tell from a biopsy as well as seeing it...A small mole does not make a cancer...Just stay on top of it and listen to what they say....If you are worried then make an appointment to see a Dermatologist...Take care...

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