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Possible blocked Bartholin Gland? But maybe not!

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For a couple of weeks, I had a little bit of pain at random points in my vaginal area while walking. It almost felt like a rug burn but the pain would only last for a second or two. Then I wore a one-piece, a very very tight one-piece, and after taking it off, immediately, I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I went to the bathroom and discovered the entire left vaginal lip was much larger (swollen) than the right side. The inside hurt quite a bit and, again, felt like an incredibly bad rug burn. It hurt to the point that I couldn't properly wipe after using the restroom.

I googled the symptoms and found that it may be a blocked Bartholin Gland. I followed the steps the forums suggested - soaking in epsom salts. Once again, it felt like a rug burn and literally burned while I was in the bath.

When I got out, I noticed there was a bloody discharge coming from the swollen side. I tried to pinpoint the exact spot, but I couldn't. I also couldn't find a bump of any sort. I assumed this was the glad "draining" - which it continued to do slowly throughout the rest of the day. As soon as it started to drain, the pain went away completely.

The next day I went to my gynecologist and she was unable to find anything abnormal. She couldn't figure out where the discharge had been coming from and she could find no bump or cyst of any kind. She assumed I must have had a blocked gland and drained it successfully so she sent me on my way.

4 days later and a slight pain and discomfort is back with a bit of discharge coming from the same area (though I still cannot figure out exactly where the area is) but this time it is an amber color rather than blood. (I assume it's amber colored because it's older blood.)

Has anyone experienced this? Why couldn't my gyno find anything? If it was a bartholin gland - why is it painful and draining again?

I'm extremely frustrated.
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