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Possible anorexia and bulimia

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I think im suffering from eating disorders. I weigh my self like every day but now i have stopped because im too scared of what the scales will say my weight is. My family is big on eating every meal and they dont know about my problem so i eat breakfast and dinner but after dinner i feel really bad and sometimes i throw up my dinner. I havent done it for a couple of days though because last time i did it i threw up blood. one day i only ate porridge and during sports i nearly fell over. i was really dizzy but i was not hungry. I got told that skipping meals makes you gain weight so i try and not eat anything but mum makes me eat dinner and breakie cos shes always there.. i count calories and everything
i feel like i cant tell anyone and i want help.
plz plz if you know something i should do than plz tell me. you might be saving my life
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replied March 7th, 2010
Hi there, you sound honestly quite similar to me in what you say except for the throwing up, i would never be able to make myself sick because i have a massive fear of throwing up. The fact that you have thrown up blood really worries me, i hope the fact that happened has put you off making you be sick again. I'll tell you what ive been doin to help me get better, firstly i don't go anywhere near weighing scales, i avoid them at all costs. For breakfast i eat sliced apple with low fat yoghurt, this will stop you feeling dizzy by skipping meals, its very healthy and if you are watching your weight it has the smallest amount of fat. For either dinner or tea i have something like pasta it fills you up quickly and is also not very fattening and then for whatever meal of the day you have left have a sandwich of chicken or ham. I made myself really poorly over skipping meals and counting calories. I study nutrition and sport, so i know a lot of stuff on food and exercise if you ever want any advice, now i'm healthy but have maintained the same weight which is correct for my BMI. I exercise by hulahooping, i know that sounds silly but i have a toned stomach and its sooo fun just doing it to music. I understand you don't want to tell anyone i was exactly the same, i used forums and my own study to get myself better. I wish you the best of look and i hope i have helped you x blondie507 x
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