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Possible ADD? How does the medication work?

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I've been told for about 4-6 years now that I should get checked for ADD. I'm insecure, I have a hard time focusing, it seems like I have short term memory loss (I never remember ANY details- names, times, things said, what people did), I drift into my own world alot, I stare off into space, I can never finish something I start, I try to stay organized- but fail, and its exreamly heard to sit in one spot to do something without doing something else.

I'm 95% positive I will be diagnosed and will need medication. How does the medication work, and will it really help?

Also, where do I go for the possible diagnosis?

Whats the process?


I need all the advice and answers possible please

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First Helper Awarren1

replied April 4th, 2012
Hello, I take medication for ADHD and I must say, it helps ALOT. I think that if you do get put on medication, ask about Concerta, and ask about 36mg or 54mg.
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replied April 21st, 2012
Hi. I also think i have ADD. Im waiting for my appointment with a psychologist to see but i do know the process. What you need to do is call the number on your insurance card and ask them for psychologists that test for ADD. My appointment is on the 8th. When i called the number on my card i talked to a psychologist and she asked if i have depression/anxiety/insomnia and sadly i have all three. The depression comes and goes but the anxiety is only manageable on meds. Because of this they also set me up to see a psychiatrist. For the last year i have turned down the psychiatrist because i have this thought only crazy ppl go to them but they explained that they know the anxiety and ADD meds very well and i would probably get my meds through my psychiatrist. The psychologist will just diagnose you. They can not give you the meds. My fiance also has ADD and he sees a psychologist tests him and recomends meds and then goes to his normal doctor to get the meds.

I think you can go to your normal doctor to get a referal but aparently psychological stuff and your regular doctor insurance is not connected. You have to call your insurance and see what is covered.

Hopefully this helps Smile
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replied August 30th, 2012
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This ADD runs in my family. My father had it, but he just died. My elder brother dropped out of high school in 9th grade because everyone thought he was the dumbest kid on the planet. My son has it too and has been on vyvanse and adderall. I was sick lately and needed some ginger which I learned to love as a child, but this is the crystalized ginger (like candy and awfully hot). I too stared out the window, could never pay attention or anything in school, but when my mother introduced me to crystalized ginger, I became an A+ student. I have one year of college and married in 1975 and had to give back 2 full-ride scholarships. I am an A+ student because I learned to love crystalized ginger. Give it a try. Better than caffeine anyday!
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