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Possibility of Pregnancy? Strep throat

so, i just turned 18 10 days ago and im slowly realizing that my girlfriend who recently turned 17 might be pregnant. we have had unprotected sex around 6 times and nothing happened because i would take it slow and pull out at any chance of ejaculating. but the last time we had sex, i remember me pushing in as deep as possible. Now im 95% sure i didnt cum but there is a possibility that it couldve slipped without me noticing because she is 4 weeks late on her period. it was nothing to worry about at first because she always had irregular periods, shes always hungry, had mood swings, strange cravings for foods, plus she has been putting on some weight because she stopped working out. Other than that she never showed any other symptoms until yesterday when she told me her breasts felt sore and she was a bit nauseous. at the moment she is beyond mad at me and cant even think about the possibility that she might be pregnant so she gets even more mad when i bring up the topic of a pregnancy test. She told me on the phone yesterday that if she was pregnant that "we wouldnt last" aka she would break up with me. She told me she doesnt think she wants me in our baby's life. Now this may sound great for a lot of boyfriends, but im not the kind of guy that impregnates a girl and then leaves, no less than a girl that i love. See this looks bad for me, because she is my first girlfriend and we have only been together for 5 months and 3 weeks. So how do i know what love is? because at the possibility of her being pregnant i still want to be with her, i want to care for her, raise this child with her, hold her when she cries, and most of all make her happy. And seeing how she is wrapped around the idea of pregnancy and is furious with me and possibly depressed it kills me inside. i only slept for 4 hours last night. Now im praying to God to save me this time because she has had long delayed periods before and she has a weak immune system. Just about 2 weeks ago she got strep throat from her friend (female) and has been coughing since. and last few days she has been going off with that same friend (female) and a new friend (male) she just met through her female friend. she tells me that she has been just having fun, playing poker, and drinking. There are a lot of potential explanations here. The strep throat could delay the period along with her having irregular periods and stress about maybe BEING pregnant. Her nausea could be a side effect of her recent drinking. Our last sexual experience was when i sucked on her breasts which could also explain why they are sore. Should i start applying for a job or am i just reaching for an excuse? Im so confused right now. It feels like the stress is literally killing me. I need HELP please..
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replied March 30th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
OK, I didn't read this whole thing because sex without protection is just foolish and there are a few simple answers.

Have her take a pregnancy test. The end. If she doesn't do that then what? She just waits for the baby to pop out? Again, what a foolish thing!

Sounds to me like she is head tripping you, boy.

She thinks she may be pregnant yet she is DRINKING? Do I need to use the word foolish again or are you getting the point?

A few suggestions: Get condoms immediately. Buy a pregnancy test and have her take it. Do not ever have sex without a condom.
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