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Possibility of getting pregnant?

My bf and I are both virgins. However, we got a little intimate about 6 weeks ago, and he start fingering me. He might have some precum on his finger (I'm not sure) but he fingered me for only 5 minute or so before I stopped him, and his finger did not enter my vagina, just outside of it. I've been worried since and these are the pregnancy symptoms I've experienced for the past 6 weeks or so..

1) Two light periods (but both are on time)
2) Abdominal/menstruation cramps (never experienced it before last time)
4) Nausea and vomiting (during the 5th week after the incident, but doctor said its due to indigestion)
5) More prominent Montgomery glands
6) Fatigue (but I've been tired always since many many years ago)
7) Tender breast and nipple (only when touched, tolerable pain)

Could I be pregnant or these are caused by my worry and stress? Sad
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replied December 19th, 2012
When you say fingered, where did his fingers end up as you say they didn't enter your vagina. It is so unlikely that you can pregnant like this unless he ejaculated all over your vagina entrance and sperm entered your vagina by him rubbing it all over andf inside your labia. Although there is sometimes sperm in precum,it is a tiny amount and sperm have to work incredibly hard to make it all the way up the vagina and through the cervix to penetrate an egg. If you are very worried, go and see your GP for a test, but it sounds as though you are okay.
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