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positive test but do not see a sac?

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I went in for a routine wellness exam last Thursday, Dec. 22. They took a bloodsample because I told them I could be pregnant. The next day they called and said my pregnancy test was positive. My pregnancy hormone was 107 and my progestrone was 12.6. I really haven't had any symptoms so I thought I was pretty lucky. If I figured correctly, I will be 6 weeks tomorrw.

All last week I had slight cramping but nothing like menstrual cramps. Today the cramps felt like they do right before I get my period. I took some Tylenol and they subsided. When I went to the bathroom though, there was blood. I have had cramps on and off all day today as well as bleeding.

I went to the doctor and they did a vaginal ultrasound. The tech said she didn't see a baby or a sac. They took a urine sample and the pregnancy test came back negative. I am due to go back in on Tuesday to actually talk to the doctor. My other doctor said I could be to early for them to see it with an ultrasound and my mom said it might be to soon to see positive results with a urine sample. I am so confused, upset, and anxious for Tuesday.

Just wanted to know if anyone has experience the same issues and what the outcome was.
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