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Positive RNP result ?

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I have resently got test results from my doctor after first having a positive ANA result. According to them I have a positive anti-RNP antibody result. Does anyone know what this is and what is means, I can't seem to find much information on it. Please help, Im getting more and more worried.
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replied August 17th, 2009
Test: anti-RNP - Antibody to the Ribonucleoprotein

What test is for: The RNP antigen is similar to the Smith antigen, but has a different job in the cell.

What a positive test means: A positive test occurs in some patients with lupus but also in other related diseases. It helps to classify a patient but it is not usually useful to make a specific diagnosis nor to follow for worsening or recovery.

What a negative test means: A negative test excludes a related disease, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. ti-RNP_-_Antibody_to_the_Ribonucleoprotein
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