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Positive pregnancy tests and spotting

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Hi I have been spotting for about five days now ... The blood is very pink then after a while It will turn brownish I took two epts and they said it was positve I took them in the morning like I was suppose to Then the next day I took 5 more test one was off brand and the other was just all diffenrent kind also i did take the five during the day and It said I wasnt I dont know what it could be do anyone know and my stomach look like I am.... and i still am bleeding it just enough for a panty liner help... I hope I am
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replied April 24th, 2010
I''m Spotting too..
Hi nesy3266,

I''m also spotting. I started spotting about a week after the knowing i''m pregnant. I''m 4 weeks pregnant now and still spotting. My mum had spotting too. She had it for 5 months. Her friends too had spotting. One of her friend had menses during her pregnancy. All of them are fine. People told me its quite normal to have spotting. I''m worried but trying hard to ignore and rest more.
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