My most recent cycle was on July 11 and just ended yesterday. It was a little heavy with medium sized blood clots. The month before it started on June 16 which was a 5-day cycle with light to medium bleeding. Anyways, I went in for an appointment on July 11th and was given several blood tests. My physician called me the next day and told me that I tested positive for pregnancy. I did not know that was possible being that I started my cycle the day before. Is that normal and how could I even calculate how far along I am. My husband I have sex like every other day. This is just puzzling to me... BTW I am very excited that I am pregnant but I am trying to figure out when I conceived.

Any advise or help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
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replied July 15th, 2013
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It is possible to bleed like your period in the beginning of your pregnancy.

The most likely sex that mad you pregnant was 19 to 13 days before you expected this menstruation. Ask your doctor for a transvaginal dating ultrasound and she can confirm it.

Congratulations with your pregnancy.
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