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5 positive home pregnancy tests, 1 negative blood test

I'm so glad I found this site! My husband & I are trying for a baby & have been for the last 3 months.

About 11 days ago I had a very light period which lasted for about 3 days & didn't think anything of it. Out of curiosity I did a home pregnancy test & two lines came up (positive), although one was fainter than the other. I could hardly believe my eyes! Finally a positive result!! I did another test the next morning & still had two lines. I was overjoyed.

I went to see my doctor the next day as I'd had symtoms of a urinary tract infection too. I told her about my quick period & she thought that I'd had an implantation bleed & asked for the dates of my previos period. I was shocked to discover that I was almost 6 weeks along! I asked her if it was possible to get a false positive. She told me that when you are pregnant your embryo secretes the hCG hormone & this is what the urine test detects. She was adamant that you cannot get a false positive test result.

I found it strange that she didn't offer to do another urine test or do any pelvic examinations. She gave me a referral for a blood test, which I did straight after my appointment with her.

Today, after 4 days of waiting & endless pregnancy symptoms: tingling, breasts getting a little bigger, sensitive nipples, nausea, increased sense of smell, frequent urination & slight belly bloating I was told by my doctor that the blood test came back negative!? My husband & I are so confused & are absolutely devestated.

My doctor has ordered another blood test for me this Friday, a week after my first to re-check the results. I'm going to insist that the pathology lab does a quantitative test & also ask for an ultrasound just to be sure.

Can anyone please tell me what's happening & if they've had any luck on their journey to start a family after this has happened to them?
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replied February 16th, 2012
the same thing has happened to me. My husband and i have been also trying for months now and every month i was disappointed. until this month i tested just to be sure and i got a positive. i tested a few more times just to be sure and i ended up with 5 positive tests but one negative blood test. i am going next week for another one. i am curious to know if u ended up getting a positive blood test because i see you posted this in October 2011. let me know
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