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popping sensations in my head, shaking and tremors.

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Hi! I have been expieriencing some very very strange issues related to my head the past 2 years. Ever since September 2009, I have had some very strange situations going on with my head. What happens is that many times throughout the day, I feel popping sensations in my head. I can feel them anywhere, but mainly they seem to be at the back of the head toward the top. I have also had many issues derived from this. I feel shaking and tremors. I feel shaking in my arms at times, my neck, sometimes my head twitches. I also have feelings of fear and extreme anxiety. It's hard for me to turn my head around, and when I do, shortly after I almost always feel a pop in the back of my head. Now I had leaned to deal with this and wasn't overly concerned but then tonight happened. Around 7 hours ago, I was in my bathroom scratching my head all over. I have an extremely itchy scalp. I have shaking sensations when i scratch my head as well. Well anyway, i started to scratch behind my left ear when i felt a pop. I looked into the mirror and after the pop, my pupils started to grow rapidly into a nearly-dilated state. in well-lit room. I didn't change the lighting or anything the pop in my head was followed by a a very brief dilation of my eyes for a few minutes. My mom when I told her about this shined a flashlight into my eyes however, and my eyes were responsive. Now other then a brief few minutes, my eyes have not been dilated sense. However my head has been popping alot. I also still have the slight tremors and my anxeity is at an all-time high. Also my eyes are kinda red my eyes are uncomfortable. They have been for the past few days. I am concerned that I might be expieriencing a possible brain anerseyum. Please give me advice and an opinion about this please? I am 19 years old, don't do drugs other then smoking and is of a good weight.
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replied January 7th, 2012
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Unfortunately, an aneurysm, itself, has no symptoms. The symptoms that do arise from one, come from the structures which an aneurysm presses on. Once the dilation has reached large enough size, then the bulging out of the arterial wall can press against the structures around it. But, until then, the aneurysm is "silent", which is what makes them dangerous.

As to the pupil dilatation, that can occur from being afraid. When you felt the pop, if probably frightened you. Then as part of the "fight or flight" mechanism, the pupils dilate, to get the body ready to fight or run away. Which is why they are still responsive, even though they were dilated some.

If you do think you have an aneurysm, you should not be smoking. Nicotine causes blood vessel contractions in the small vessels, which puts back up pressure on the larger vessels. If there is a weak area in the vessel wall, causing an aneurysm, the back up pressure can be very detrimental to it. Even in some cases, causing it to burst. Which is also why hypertension must also be kept under tight control.

So, if you think you have an aneurysm, it should be checked out. There are aneurysms that patients are born with or develop very early on, called Berry Aneurysms (because they look like little berries hanging off a vine).

Good luck. Hope you find out what is going on.
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replied May 18th, 2012
The same popping happened to me. I am normally a somewhat anxious/sensitive person although I try to hide that fact about myself. I tend to appear calm and confident. When the popping occurred my anxiety had led to such extreme stress that I had a bit of a psychotic break and that's when the popping happened. Perhaps extreme anxiety and stress could cause this?
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