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Popping in shouder after athroscope stabilization

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Hi all, wondered if you could help. I had shoulder surgery (athroscope stabilization) 8 months ago to fix recurrent dislocations. Anyway Iv been doing physio and stuff on it but recently its starting to get sore, and when I rotate my arm in certian ways it makes a horrible popping or grinding noise. Its only just started doing this and its worrying me some what because Im hoping to the British Army in 6 months time and I dont want this to stop me from getting in. So, Should I just rest it now for a month and see how it goes? Has anybody else had this operation done that could give me some advice on this? Hope somebody can help. Thanx
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replied May 10th, 2010
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Hi hopeful_soldier and welcome to ehealth: Your dislocations can be a problem...Often athroscopic surgery doesn't do the trick...My husband has had three of them on various places on his bodies...With him it was kind of a "wake up call" to what is ahead...They, like you, didn't seem to take...Shoulders are rough to heal...He has had two shoulder surgeries...One on each side...Even after this trauma they still bother him...If I were you I would definitely rest it for a month...Don't push yourself...Good luck soldier...I wish you well...

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