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Poo-Pouch- Avoid embarrassment of defecating during labor

Brief Description
One of women's biggest fears and/or embarrassment before labor is defecating during labor. It is also a nuisance to the medical personnel having to deal with the mess and cleanup. A high percentage of women defecate during labor. The Rect-Protect Pouch is a disposable pouch applied to a laboring woman to discreetly capture feces and provide ease of mind during the pushing phase of childbirth. The pouch is easily removed with feces contained after labor and thereby reducing/removing the mess of smeared feces, potential baby contamination, odor, and embarrassment.

Purpose of the Invention
* Eliminates a mother's embarrassment of defecating during labor.
* Allows the mother to focus on the delivery.
* Discreetly contains feces and odor passed during childbirth.
* Protects the newborn from fecal exposure.
* Relieves the medical team and family members from an unpleasant experience.

Problems Solved by the Invention
One of women's biggest fears and embarrassments is defecating during labor in front of family and medical personnel. This fear can inhibit the mother's willingness to push and safely deliver the baby. It is also an unspoken nuisance to the medical personnel. Smeared feces can expose a newborn and their immature immune system to bacteria and possible infection.

Detailed Description
The Rect-Protect pouch is worn by a woman during labor to capture feces. The product is comprised of an opaque plastic bag. The opening of the bag is a semi-circle strip adhered around the perineal area between the vagina and the rectum. There is a removable backing to expose the adhesive of the arch. This arch has sections of elastic material to accommodate the anatomy of each woman. The pouch will discreetly contain feces and odor.
The Rect-Protect pouch is used in conjunction with a standard delivery drape. The small bag with adhesive may also be used alone. The bags may also have the option of being scented. Multiple configurations will be available.

Please provide any comments suggestions or questions regarding the product. We would like to guage interest and get feedback to make the product as successful as possible.

Thank you.
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replied October 17th, 2012
Still looking to gain some opinions on our product from pregnant women and or medical personnel.
This product addresses womens' fear of passing stool during labor.

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