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My boyfriend has had 3 nose surgerys now and still the polyps keep coming back. He has been on basically every kind of anti-biotic you can be on and still as soon as surgery is over and he starts to heal they start coming right back. He almost never can breathe and always has horrible headaches which I assume are coming from sinus'. If anyone has had this and had some kind of relief with anything or knows a way to get rid of the polyps please let me know!!!
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replied March 11th, 2012
Hai Brittany..good day to you..
kindly do the following...
make a paste by mixing and mashing the below mentioned items and apply in on the nose...within a weeks time he would get huge relief..the items wud be
1. Tamarind Leaves
2. Thai Pepper
3. Turmeric
4. Salt
5. Drumstick Leaves
It would make a "hot n spicy combination" so kindly avoid applying it before sleep coz if it touches the eyes you would run around Smile sure ur bf wud be fine....i do it almost everyday to keep my polyps under control....and please be patient enough for a week...drop in feed back once its done..

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replied March 17th, 2012
Hi Brittany.
Polyps are a drag and they do ruin your life style.
Doctors say there is no cure and all you can do is take
nasal sprays or medication.

I know how your boyfriend feels he is not alone,any way to the point.I have had six operations and everytime them polyps come back.The Surgeon told me I was his worst patient. Yer my claim to fame.

So what to do this might help, you must keep a strict diary on food you eat,write down if any foods seem to upset the polyps. I find if I use a yeast and dairy free diet for 3 weeks then the polyps will start to shrink,after that I try to be carefull not to eat a lot
of these foods.Food intolerance not allergys can sometimes be the answer in curing ourselves.
Any way yeast free is the answer for me, for your boyfriend it could be something else.Sometimes it might be the food you eat the most of.
One last thing beer affects my polyps within half an hour,bread the next day,so this shows that you cannot allways tell straight away which if any foods are the problem.
Best of luck Yip
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